Habits make you happier and more productive

habits tips

A question a lot of us deal with on a daily basis: How can I be happier and more productive? What about our habits? We like to learn from the best, so recently at SxSw we jumped at the chance to meet with Gretchen Rubin. For her work on The Happiness Project and Better than…

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Kim Spinder Tedx Talk: Be a pirate

Kim Spinder Tedx

Kim Spinder Tedx: First followers wanted, let’s quit email The last few days I told some people I was going to write a piece about this girl who quit email, every single response was “How would you do that?”. I understand this response, it’s what I thought when I heard it the first time, but…

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Video We Quit eMail: Join The Movement

minder e-mail video we quit email

Video We Quit eMail, Kim Spinder: “I am passionate about smarter ways of working together and that’s why I decided to quit email in 2010, and see for myself what difference it would make in my life. And today, I’m living proof that quitting email is not only possible, it’s better. Step outside the email…

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Book We Quit eMail

we quit email book

Book We Quit eMail: Let’s break the endless cycle of email. It was not invented as a mass communication tool. It is best used for sending documents and one on one communication. As soon as you need to communicate with more people, email becomes a monster. Luckily there are many other tools and forms of…

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Presentation Kim Spinder: The Innovation Carwash

presentation kim spinder

In deze presentatie van Kim Spinder leer je een nieuwe methode voor organisaties om weer volop innovatief te worden: De Innovatie Wasstraat.
Ben je nieuwsgierig geworden naar de Innovatie Wasstraat? Of wil jij de presentatie over de Innovatie Wasstraat nog een keer zien? Dat kan hier!

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