Lots of talk and no action?

Lots of talk and no action?

About Kim

Kim Spinder is an innovation expert on a mission, inspiring today’s organisations with bold new ways of working and thinking - together. In her presentations, Kim opens the door to the exciting world of innovation and shares the ins and outs of how innovation happens! For example... take a moment to consider the benefits of going email-free!

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Boost innovation and power-up your organisation!

If innovation batteries are running low, it’s time to sound the alarm! Plug into innovation drivers that recharge potential and power your future. Experience innovation transformation!

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Break the endless cycle of email! Kim Spinder quit her email habit in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. In her refreshingly rebellious book, We Quit eMail, Kim shares how you can live email-free, and love it!

Presentations & Workshops

Kim Spinder enthusiastically shares her experience and knowledge on the power of innovation transforming organizations, the future of work, and the joy of email-free collaboration.

In-company Innovation Programs

Kim works with diverse organisations by introducing innovation programs designed to meet their particular change assignment. How do you develop a culture that promotes the growth of innovation within your company?

Take a spin through the Innovation Carwash

With this practical and proven method, your organisation will shine - powered by the kind of innovation that really matters!


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Habits make you happier and more productive

Kim Spinder Tedx

Kim Spinder Tedx Talk: Be a pirate

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Video We Quit eMail: Join The Movement

we quit email book

Book We Quit eMail

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Presentation Kim Spinder: The Innovation Carwash

less busy

Being busy is a choice. But how can you choose to be less busy?

"A huge thank you to you for your invaluable contribution to the success of our inaugural MIX Mashup. You offered up so many radically practical approaches and great stories, you had the whole crowd buzzing. "Raise the pirate flag" is the new mantra of management innovators everywhere!”

Polly Labarre
Management Innovation eXchange

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