In-company Innovation Programs

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What do our Innovation Programs look like?

 Innovation is all about people. As a 21st-century organization, you must be able to learn, be flexible and change quickly. The Innovation Carwash is a short but intensive in-company experience designed to get your people moving and working together.

The Innovation Carwash offers a custom selection of successful Innovation Programs tailored to your organization. We always start with a strategy session, exploring your particular goals for just the right Innovation Carwash experience.

‘Innovation is a story about how people develop ideas and work together.’ - Michael Shanks


Innovation Programs

Innovation Box

The Innovation Box is our toolkit designed to advance innovation skills among employees, stimulate an innovation culture, and learn how to progress ideas more quickly. With workshops and personal coaching, the Innovation Box provides employees with the tools, structure and overview they need as they develop their ideas.

The eMail Diet

It’s simple - email keeps you from being your best. Organizations struggle with the downside of email and productivity drops as people become stressed-out by an overflowing inbox and distracted throughout the day by random emails. We have extensive experience helping organizations work together in new and better ways. The eMail Diet is a prime example of how you can immediately increase collaboration and streamline communications within your organization. Experience the amazing difference the eMail Diet can make.

Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges are designed to give people the time and space to learn new skills and have fun. Innovation Challenges inspire people to quickly learn new skills, such as - how to ask for for feedback or how to build a prototype. We work with successful and proven formats such as a hackathon or innovation sprint to fast-track innovative collaboration.

Amazing the ideas that came out of our innovation sessions! And really exciting how quickly we reached the prototype stage. These days, we’re putting a lot more ideas into practice!

 Hermien van Triest
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (The Netherlands)


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