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Kim Spinder is an innovation expert and popular speaker at home and abroad. In her presentations, Kim opens the door to the exciting world of innovation and shares the ins and outs of how to make it happen! Kim is also a pioneer and author spearheading the future of work - without email!


Kim is a frequent guest speaker for government and commercial organizations, as well as major events such as TEDx and the MixMashup in San Francisco. Her dynamic presentations reflect her years of experience and her excitement about how the power of innovation can dramatically reshape the way we work today... for a better tomorrow.


About Kim

Kim Spinder is an innovator on a mission... and she loves her work. With pleasure, Kim prepares organisations for the future, not by making action plans but by taking action. One of her favorite mottos: Just Do It!

Instead of starting with the usual action plans, Kim puts actions directly into practice - the quickest way to find out which ideas work best for an organisation and its people.

Passionate about smarter ways of working together, Kim took a radical step in 2010 and quit email to see what kind of difference it would actually make in her life and work. It was a huge difference. Still living email-free, Kim hasn’t looked back since.

Kim is an entrepreneur with extensive experience working with diverse organisations on their particular change assignments... such as "How do you develop a culture that promotes innovation within your company?". With specially developed In-company Innovation Programs, Kim leads participants to discover and develop their innovation skills, accelerate idea development, streamline communications, work in closer collaboration and foster an innovation culture within their organization.

Kim is author of the book: We Quit eMail, Join us and regain control of your work! Kim courageously gave up her email habit in 2010 and was so amazed by how it changed her life, she’s written a book to show us how we can go... email-free! Her book offers readers the option of an email diet and quitting program that can be adapted for those who want to try it out or go cold turkey!


The Harvard M-Prize for Management Innovation

The Netherlands' Most Influential Person in Local Government Award

Winner of the Telework Aspect Prize


Happy Clients


"A huge thank you to you for your invaluable contribution to the success of our inaugural MIX Mashup. You offered up so many radically practical approaches and great stories, you had the whole crowd buzzing. "Raise the pirate flag" is the new mantra of management innovators everywhere!”

Polly Labarre
Management Innovation eXchange

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