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Video We Quit eMail: Join The Movement

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Video We Quit eMail, Kim Spinder:

“I am passionate about smarter ways of working together and that’s why I decided to quit email in 2010, and see for myself what difference it would make in my life. And today, I’m living proof that quitting email is not only possible, it’s better. Step outside the email box, and live free. I can highly recommend it. I never look back.”

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Quitting email is the first step into a new dimension of communications energized by organic collaboration where we share leadership. Quitting email means choosing collaboration tools that create a platform where everyone can be a leader. One for all, and all for one!


Email keeps you from being your best. Organisations struggle with e-mail. Productivity is decreased, people are stressed-out by a full inbox and distracted throughout the day by random emails, which makes it’s hard to focus on where the real action is. Instead, they’re busy sending e-mails, which generates even more email, and running to meetings. The very structure they are working in keeps them from adding real value to the company, or to the work they are doing. E-mail is an outmoded medium, the new snail-mail, and not much more than a letter that has been digitized. It’s not a collaboration tool: it passes information on, it doesn’t bring it together. Online collaboration tools do, and they have transformed how we communicate.

As a young professional, I wanted to have an impact and make a meaningful contribution to the world. But instead, I was dashing to meetings and doing email in between, and afraid I would one day look back on a life spent running in circles. I was ready for total transformation. So, two and a half years ago, I decided to quit email.


Quit e-mail, start leading.

There is life beyond email. No more buzzing or vibrating, guaranteed to make you jump and stress you out. Quitting email is good for your heart and makes you more productive. It’s great to wake up, and not check my email. Imagine that! No more inbox in your life.

Today, we use online collaboration tools in organisations to work together. We use the company feed to access all the resources of the company, and we work in groups. Everyone is on the same track, and it’s possible for anyone to make their contribution when their time is right. That’s where insights and effective leadership come from. It’s teamwork in action that inspires innovation.

Practical Impact

Quitting email is the ‘first domino’ in a process that unleashes ‘leadership’ and inspires collaboration across the board. Working in companies and on projects has changed completely. Before, knowledge was out of view, and dying in our inboxes. Now, we work together with an online platform where everybody can see what is happening. This new way of communication redefines leadership, and it changes the way traditional leaders manage their companies, teams, and project.

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